Thanks to WShadow for his easy-to-integrate Theme Upgrade Checker, Muscle Flex Theme Framework Updates are now available through the Wordpress core updater. (Note: By default Wordpress checks for new theme and plugin updates every 12 hours and stores this information in the site's transient data.) Theme updates for the Muscle Flex core will now show up on both the normal Wordpress Themes admin page as well as at the top of the Muscle Flex Theme Options page.

This is great news, as it makes it a lot easier to keep Muscle Flex up to date across any number of sites while preserving any Child Theme customizations for each site, bringing Muscle Flex to an even better standard of practice for theme development. (and if you don't like the way Wordpress installs theme updates you can always check the Documentation for some manual update notes.) So as Muscle Flex expands and improves, you can benefit from update notifications and install them from within Wordpress with ease.

Also in version 1.4.5
- Fixed Theme Testdrive Theme Options Saving Bug (madness!)
- Added Manual Backup/Restore of Theme Options
- Added login page specific background image option
- Added option for default Gravatar URL image handling
- Fix to post type selection and filtering of main RSS Feed
- Fix to is_search() check in content.php and aside.php page templates
- Fix to admin login logo path size check on subdirectory installs
- Fix to typo in skeleton_entry_footer_meta function
- Fix to category list replacement value in post/page meta
- Improved Home Blog Include/Exclude Category Option

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