It has been a little while since BioShip got an update, but since it's already quite stable it hasn't really needed much. This release includes some minor fixes found along the way using it. Options Framework and Hybrid Core 2 have been deprecated and removed in favour of Titan Framework and Hybrid Core 3, which have been included for some time now anyway. A CSS Style Box dropdown is now available from the Admin Bar, and now also inside Beaver Builder, making global theme styles accessible while designing. Saved style changes are automatically reloaded so there's no need to refresh the page. It also makes use of the in-built Code Mirror syntax highlighting built into WordPress. I plan to separate out this feature into a plugin as well, since it's handy for client sites not using BioShip.


  • Fixed: Do not load PrefixFree with Beaver Builder editor (conflict)
  • Fixed: Missing h2 close tag on single entry titles
  • Fixed: CSS Quicksave get CSS in textarea via Code Mirror
  • Fixed: CSS Quicksave save and button position on options page
  • Fixed: Options page sidebar click Save Settings button


    - Deprecated: Options Framework - Deprecated: Hybrid Core 2 - Fixed: set layout context before checking (archive) overrides - Fixed: remove href attribute on mobile menu buttons - Disabled: Hybrid 3 GetTheImage image caching


  • Fixed: PHPMailer class not found (WP class_alias failure)
  • Fixed: mismatched label for post type object author display
  • Fixed: wp_kses sidebar filter to allow for forms (eg. search)
  • Changed: prefix admin javascript functions

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