Due to all the changes from previous releases, I felt there was a growing inconsistency with old code and new, and decided to code review the entire theme code base. Certainly a daunting and time-consuming task, but one that has proven effective in streamlining lots of things as well as picking up quite a few rogue bugs. Since the focus for BioShip has been on stability rather than new features lately, things are feeling a lot more confidently "solid" after a good refactoring.

But I didn't stop there, because along the way, I decided to add code comment lines to every single block of code. I mean, who even does that? Well, what I was finding in my coding lately is that adding these explanations as I go made it much easier to see where things could be improved, so it really helped in all the refactoring. The other reason for this was to make the code as open and transparent as I could, giving BioShip another major advantage over other themes - being able to more easily understand the code if you need to! Wow.

Apart from all that, one aspect that needed some loving attention was updating the perpage theme metabox saving - to which a quicksave button has now been added (so there is no need to Update an entire post to save the new Theme Options.) Tracer debugging has been improved, as well as the loaded template list available from the admin bar. Some lagging documentation has also been updated and page navigation added to that.

And in other news, BioShip has been resubmitted to the WordPress theme repository. A lot of the changes in the past few versions have been working toward making this possible (without expectation), but for technical reasons related to its rather unconventional theming approach, it didn't quite pass the theme review process before. Hopefully this time there are few to no remaining issues to prevent acceptance and it's all good to go!

Full list of changes in version 2.1.1:

  • Updated: Full Code Review of all core theme files!
  • Updated: Documentation to match previous version changes
  • Updated: translations file (/languages/bioship.pot)
  • Changed: moved template includes tracing functions to tracer.php
  • Changed: moved skin loading functions from functions.php to skull.php
  • Changed: skeleton_navigation_hide filter to skeleton_navigation_remove
  • Fixed: lots of minor bugs found during code review
  • Fixed: PerPost Theme Options Metabox saving keys (newly prefixed)
  • Fixed: possible error in file modified time cachebusting conditionals
  • Fixed: stop Titan trying to load webfont stacks via Google Fonts
  • Fixed: removed all line breaks from dynamic editor styles
  • Fixed: typo cutting off comment styles in skeleton.css
  • Fixed: Hybrid Cleaner Gallery minified stylesheet loading
  • Fixed: add missing heading styles to Dynamic Editor Styles
  • Fixed: theme file settings backup file() read for unserialization
  • Optimized: moved all trigger checks inside functions for consistency
  • Optimized: moved all add_actions inside function exists for consistency
  • Optimized: page template includes indexing and admin bar display names
  • Added: Theme Options Metabox quicksave override settings buttons
  • Added: separated file admin/tools.php for Theme Tools functions
  • Added: allow for alternative include directory path
  • Added: extra (optional) value argument to bioship_apply_filters
  • Added: single action or template tracing to theme tracer

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