So it's been a while since the last update, mostly because progress was stalled for a while due to a REALLY annoying bug, that of multicheck settings sometimes resetting themselves on save in the Theme Options screen. This seemed to happen every now and then previously, but after updating Titan Framework, seemed to have become a persistent bug, which resisted multiple attempts to fix. Unfortunately due to other time and project commitments I had to leave the update process for a while, since the existing version was more stable.

Now finally, having fixed the nonce refresh and collected a lot of debug data from multiple theme installations, while the cause of the issue still remains unknown, I have added a working check and fix so that if the multicheck options become empty upon saving, the posted values are rechecked and saved - and if that fails, they revert to the previously saved values. Sure, quite a pain of a workaround, but it finally works! And it means 2.1.0 is stable and can be released... which means being able to use the latest version and get on with further theme development. Yay!

Some further fixes included in 2.1.0:

  • Updated: Titan Framework to v1.12
  • Added: Cookie field to comment form for GDPR Compliance
  • Fixed: index array check for stored global menus
  • Fixed: incorrect default variable for disable emojis option
  • Fixed: ignore font loading where font face is set to inherit
  • Fixed: nonce key for Titan admin nonce cyclic auto-refresh
  • Added: alert on session timeout on Titan theme options screen

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