BioShip hasn't had an update release in quite some time now. But that doesn't mean it's been idle! There have been a lot of fixes added as they came up and development has continued, it just hasn't felt like a stable release until now given the sheer amount of changes.

New Dropdown Style Editor Box!

With the focus on stability, BioShip hasn't had any cool new features for a while either... but this time round, I've added a style editor for your CSS. It drops down from the admin bar and allows you to edit your sitewide theme styles in a Code Editor coloured and syntaxed interface. You can also switch to per-post styles instantly to add individual tweaks to posts. Or even add admin style tweaks on the backend.

This was added as a time-saving device to circumvent the need to switch between windows/tabs just to tweak styles. And to further this, you don't need to reload the page - when you save, the styles are instantly applied to the page that you are viewing. Now obviously there are some more complex plugins that do this and more, but having a quick and lightweight feature like this really saves time styling a site.

A Bit of House Cleaning

As always, the aim is for maximum backwards compatibility and thus minimum breakage. That said, it's worth noting some old unused libraries have been removed (Customizer Controls and Foundation) or disabled for further testing (Kirki). So though unlikely, if you were using those you may need to do your own reintegration work.

More Additions and Improvements

Congratulations for reading this far, here are some rather obscure development notes on what's been added in this release. If you can decipher tham, and find something interesting please get back to me.
  • set default subsection fonts to inherit color and size
  • group included files for plugins in template dropdown
  • integration loader and separate integrations directory
  • login wrap box text colour styling option
  • first and last menu item classes to navigation items
  • sticky navigation bar and sticky logo options
  • reseter.css option to reset modern CSS browser styles
  • filter for main menu mobile button icon to replace text

So What Else Got Fixed?

A LOT of little fixes go a LONG way, and going over and over code to make it closer to perfect has the effect of picking up all these kinds of little things that can go unnoticed... but they all come out in the end if you just keep going. 🙂
  • main menu frontend display disappearing
  • autospace main menu items count styling
  • footer widget areas count to allow for empty areas
  • redeclare wpColorPickerL10n variable for WP 5.5+
  • Theme Info page redirection on activation slug mismatch
  • load admin page styles on standalone Theme Info page
  • thumbnail display comment string append typo
  • possible function redeclarations in skin.php loading
  • possible mixed content for image protocols in skin.php
  • metabox per post CSS quicksave message ID for display
  • jQuery version detection for jQuery via Google CDN option
  • missing theme override global for sidebar columns width
  • check if FS_CHMOD_FILE is defined when File System writing
  • category list meta format for non-post CPT taxonomies
  • fallback / empty / filtered sidebar templates for CPTs
  • possible endless loop in get_the_excerpt shortcode
  • primary navigation menu ID attribute (primarymenu)
  • button styles affecting admin button styles
  • integer detection in debug logging function
  • font size conversion applying to em when already em
  • include Block and Block Parser for skin.php direct load
  • display comment and reply link/buttons as inline blocks
  • missing javascript object prefix for fitvidselements
  • image size theme options for post list displays
  • declaration of post thumbnail theme support for CPTs
  • Customizer item spacing for Advanced/All Options pages
  • file edit link to Parent template in templates dropdown

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