In this version are various minor bugfixes, as well as some changes arising from the latest attempt to submit to the WordPress theme repository... Will it ever be accepted? Who knows. Every time I discuss a few issues raised the ticket gets closed before I can fix them all. *sigh* Ah well, back to the start of the queue, wait another month or so... will just keep trying, as it will only keep improving things. So a bit more compliance stuff added, but mostly escaping variable outputs. Fun stuff. Also added a theme readme.txt, updated TMPGA, and added some PHP pre-5.3 compatibilities.

Some other minor things added in this version, such as basic Elementor Locations support, and inclusion of the new wp_body_open hook. No major bugs, so mostly minor misceallaneous fixes to make the theme more stable:

  • Added missing menu override output filters (primary/header/footer)
  • Added some missing button text translation wrappers
  • Re-added Titan web safe font filter (removed from Titan Framework)
  • Fixed use of duplicate variable for typography in skin loader
  • Fixed Inline Styles Setting output exiting early bug
  • Fixed incorrect directory variable for Titan Framework checker
  • Added check for edit theme permissions to Admin Bar Theme Options item
  • Removed incompatible Hybrid term list usage from taxonomy meta display
  • Fixed Titan options CSS quicksave settings message display and fadeout
  • Removed breaking double quotes around inherit font value output
  • Changed .site-desc span to div to allow text width wrapping
  • Improved active widget counting in footer sidebar template (sidebar/footer.php)

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