Round two of escaping output throughout the theme turned up more instances to be escaped, plus a few fixes to last times attempts. All for the seemingly unescapable list of Theme Review requirements (pun intended.) Since this was a lot of work for little gain, while I was at it I went through and added detailed structural indexes at the top of all the main theme files. Just makes it easier to find stuff. Moved a few out of place things around as a result, but nothing major.

Finally got around to fixing admin thumbnail display in post lists. A very old feature low priority feature that stopped working at some point. Has now been updated to work for any selected custom post type via an updated multicheck option. Some other minor things fixed in this update include removing duplicate a heading from the blog page, added missing pagination to the blog page too, and a display fix to the comment buttons. Also added were skip links for Accessibility requirements.

  • Added: accessibility skip link in header.php (just after wp_body_open)
  • Moved: Theme Options Editor Metabox to admin/metabox.php (from admin.php)
  • Improved: add file structure notes to all main theme function files
  • Improved: add option to show thumbnail in admin column for any CPTs
  • Improved: move selective resource build save triggers internally
  • Fixed: admin post thumbnail column image display for post lists
  • Fixed: duplicate title/description output for home blog page archive
  • Fixed: missing archive pagination for blog page (as front or blog page)
  • Fixed: various escape output messages throughout theme functions
  • Fixed: first comment meta spacing for buttons (to align with threaded)
  • Fixed: documentation popup thickbox links on Info Settings tab
  • Fixed: documentation includes for hooks and theme options pages

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