So continuing to submit to theme repository has it's upsides, reminding me to do things I would have otherwise forgotten about. Continuing on from last update's output escaping, this time it's all about those script resources and bringing them all up to date. And at the same time making sure to include both minified and un-minified sources where possible and allowing for the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant. And while I was at it, I also optimized is the main theme javascript file (bioship-init.js) Here's what got updated (as though it really matters to you):
  • Fastclick script (fastclick.js) to v1.0.6
  • Scroll to Fixed script (jquery.scrolltofixed.js script to v1.0.7
  • Match Height script (jquery.matchHeight.js) to v0.7.2
  • PrefixFree script (prefixfree.js) to v1.0.10
  • NWMatcher script (NWMatcher.js) to v1.4.4
  • FitFids (jquery.fitvids.js) to v1.2
  • Superfish script (superfish.js) to v1.7.10
  • Reset stylesheet (reset.css) to v2
  • Normalize stylesheet (normalize.css) to v8.0.1
Then, licenses. Not just adding a theme licence file (GPL 3), but spending hours of tracking down licenses for all the included resources so that their their information is all in one place (/includes/licenses.txt) Thrilling stuff I'm sure you'll agree, but just another step on the BioShip journey... hopefully the ship will really take off soon. 🙂 Here's some other things that got fixed and done in the meanwhile:
  • Added: Hover Intent script (jquery.hoverIntent.js) for Superfish
  • Improved: added default body font (for fonts with inherit rule)
  • Improved: prefix all theme javascript functions (prefix all the things)
  • Moved: Admin Bar Theme Options Item to muscle.php for frontend
  • Fixed: themesettings variable for get header image size (skin.php)
  • Fixed: moved Sticky Kit load to head (footer load not working)
  • Fixed: Admin Bar Theme Options icon style for frontend
  • Fixed: mismatching function name for Titan nonce refresh
  • Fixed: removed duplicate output escaping in archive templates
  • Fixed: moved no content paragraph wrapper in error template

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