QuickStart Guide

Even though BioShip has a lot to it, getting started with BioShip is actually easy. The main thing to remember is you do not need to setup and use every single feature! For the majority of projects the default settings for many of the options are great. So the fastest way to get started is to leave them alone and focus on your design.

Practically speaking, this means customizing the Skin layer settings mostly, and adjusting some Skeleton layer sidebar settings if you need to modify your sidebars. Most of the Skeleton and all of the Muscle layer settings can be left for later.

BioShip has a lot of complex code under the hood to make everything super-flexible. This means you can leave the more advanced stuff for if and when you actually need it, confident and relaxed knowing that you really can change anything at all in the future. And in the meantime, enjoy the simplicity of having everything setup and working sooner!

And if and when you are ready to delve deeper, complete documentation is available below. I hope you enjoy using BioShip and welcome any feedback or improvements.

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