It has been a little while since BioShip got an update, but since it's already quite stable it hasn't really needed much. This release includes some minor fixes found along the way using it. Options Framework and Hybrid Core 2 have been deprecated and removed in favour of Titan Framework and Hybrid Core 3, which have been included for some time now anyway. A CSS Style Box dropdown is now available from the Admin Bar, and now also inside Beaver Builder, making global theme styles accessible while designing. Saved style changes are automatically reloaded so there's no need to refresh

BioShip hasn't had an update release in quite some time now. But that doesn't mean it's been idle! There have been a lot of fixes added as they came up and development has continued, it just hasn't felt like a stable release until now given the sheer amount of changes. New Dropdown Style Editor Box! With the focus on stability, BioShip hasn't had any cool new features for a while either... but this time round, I've added a style editor for your CSS. It drops down from the admin bar and allows you to edit your sitewide theme styles in

Round two of escaping output throughout the theme turned up more instances to be escaped, plus a few fixes to last times attempts. All for the seemingly unescapable list of Theme Review requirements (pun intended.) Since this was a lot of work for little gain, while I was at it I went through and added detailed structural indexes at the top of all the main theme files. Just makes it easier to find stuff. Moved a few out of place things around as a result, but nothing major. Finally got around to fixing admin thumbnail display in post lists.

So continuing to submit to theme repository has it's upsides, reminding me to do things I would have otherwise forgotten about. Continuing on from last update's output escaping, this time it's all about those script resources and bringing them all up to date. And at the same time making sure to include both minified and un-minified sources where possible and allowing for the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant. And while I was at it, I also optimized is the main theme javascript file (bioship-init.js) Here's what got updated (as though it really matters to you): Fastclick script (fastclick.js) to v1.0.6 Scroll to

In this version are various minor bugfixes, as well as some changes arising from the latest attempt to submit to the WordPress theme repository... Will it ever be accepted? Who knows. Every time I discuss a few issues raised the ticket gets closed before I can fix them all. *sigh* Ah well, back to the start of the queue, wait another month or so... will just keep trying, as it will only keep improving things. So a bit more compliance stuff added, but mostly escaping variable outputs. Fun stuff. Also added a theme readme.txt, updated TMPGA, and added some PHP

Due to all the changes from previous releases, I felt there was a growing inconsistency with old code and new, and decided to code review the entire theme code base. Certainly a daunting and time-consuming task, but one that has proven effective in streamlining lots of things as well as picking up quite a few rogue bugs. Since the focus for BioShip has been on stability rather than new features lately, things are feeling a lot more confidently "solid" after a good refactoring. But I didn't stop there, because along the way, I decided to add code comment lines to

So it's been a while since the last update, mostly because progress was stalled for a while due to a REALLY annoying bug, that of multicheck settings sometimes resetting themselves on save in the Theme Options screen. This seemed to happen every now and then previously, but after updating Titan Framework, seemed to have become a persistent bug, which resisted multiple attempts to fix. Unfortunately due to other time and project commitments I had to leave the update process for a while, since the existing version was more stable. Now finally, having fixed the nonce refresh and collected a lot

So this update saw some major library updates. For one, the Kirki Customizer library was updated to version 3 and the integration code fixed for that. As well, needing to spend as much time as it did to fix the Kirki integration (that was previously working fine with Kirki 2) was really not an impressive process to me, so I have added fallbacks so the Customizer also works without Kirki in case things go astray again in the future. Also updated was TGMPA Plugin Activation and Freemius for Themes. A fix was needed by updating the Titan Color Picker Alpha

This is maintenance release covers most of the changes required for compliance for being hosted on the WordPress.Org Theme Repository. These are some fairly minor changes needed from the first review submission, so hopefully there will be sufficient to pass the manual review this time. 🙂 This version also contains a Widget fix for the WordPress 4.8 Text Widget debarkle, one consequence of which was the breaking of the Discreet Text Widget included in BioShip which extended the WP_Widget_Text class. No longer - a WP_Widget_Classic_Text class has been added which is simply a copy of the Text Widget from WP

Looks like one of those querystring variables got away from me folks, defaulting the content grid columns to 24 regardless of theme setting... Fortunately found this one out quick and here's the hotfix version. Some preliminary work on cleaning the skeleton stylesheet, and redoing the screenshots as per the new BioShip Blank Canvas Demo Site is also included in this minor release.