This is maintenance release covers most of the changes required for compliance for being hosted on the WordPress.Org Theme Repository. These are some fairly minor changes needed from the first review submission, so hopefully there will be sufficient to pass the manual review this time. 🙂

This version also contains a Widget fix for the WordPress 4.8 Text Widget debarkle, one consequence of which was the breaking of the Discreet Text Widget included in BioShip which extended the WP_Widget_Text class. No longer - a WP_Widget_Classic_Text class has been added which is simply a copy of the Text Widget from WP 4.7.5 so that the Discreet Text Widget can use it as it did (yeesh.)

Some other improvements include the fixing of a conflict with the global site icon, the ability to use author bio boxes outside the loop (eg. in sidebars) and a fix for content grid columns so they are full or half width on mobile screens as intended.

Oh and a shout out to WordCamp Brisbane 2017 which I just got back from..! Thanks #WCBNE

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