So this update saw some major library updates. For one, the Kirki Customizer library was updated to version 3 and the integration code fixed for that. As well, needing to spend as much time as it did to fix the Kirki integration (that was previously working fine with Kirki 2) was really not an impressive process to me, so I have added fallbacks so the Customizer also works without Kirki in case things go astray again in the future. Also updated was TGMPA Plugin Activation and Freemius for Themes. A fix was needed by updating the Titan Color Picker Alpha Script and also a tweak to the Titan Font Control to fix color and text-shadow color selection.

Beaver Builder users will be happy to hear that Beaver Themer plugin integration has been added to BioShip! So now you can choose between using Hybrid Hooks and Beaver Themer for building more layout complex. Actually a number of improvements have been made to the theme hook definitions and labelling, as well as sidebar headers, to standardize them in preparation for a future standalone Layout Builder implementation. Yes, I feel the theme stability is finally good enough to go in that direction finally! Exciting news! So to that end, all current remaining known minor issues within BioShip have been centrally logged, with eliminating even those in mind. Things are advanced enough, so future feature additions will be kept to a minimum.

Getting closer to being hosted on the WordPress.Org repository, so most of this update was regarding those needed changes... well it's a bit of a long haul process, though somewhat expected because this theme was not written with that in mind, so it is a bit like pushing a round peg through a square hole and seeing a few bits shaved off. Specifically, some more things have been excluded from the version such as: Hybrid 2 (deprecated), Foundation, Dashboard Feed Widgets and the Discreet Text Widget. Re-added for are some cross-theme supports such as Custom Background and Custom Logo (but not Custom Header as BioShip actually uses a custom header background - which is way cooler.) Plus missing options have been added for setting the navigation submenu hover colour and background colours, and a missing date archive subsidebar has been restored (probably nobody was using that one yet anyway, lol.)

Some other minor fixes and improvements include:

  • Titan options panel font color and text-shadow inputs
  • missing some class attributes in sidebar templates
  • incorrect index for BWP script auto-ignore integration
  • set all font sizes in em for screen scaling
  • missing number range on jpeg quality option
  • missing email input type for CSS input styling
  • missing style targeting for registration form wrapper
  • typo in read more jump link removal filter
  • debug file writing append using WP Filesystem
  • documentation submenu link and redirection
  • child theme creation process for
  • use variables instead of inputs for script loading
  • delayed priority for bioship_remove_actions
  • allow for theme debug display and/or logging
  • added DNS preconnect resource hint for Google Fonts

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