It looks like I missed the memo on prefixing. Well, kind of, it's rather that prefixing is something I skipped as I hadn't originally planned to submit this theme to the WordPress Theme repository. But as time and development went on that seemed like a good goal after all, and so in final preparation for that, I've gone back and prefixed everything. Yeesh.

This was much more difficult than you'd think, because it required maintaining backwards compatibility with existing non-prefixed customizations, and without sufficiently tested code that could be a breaking change for users (myself included). So, there has been a considerable delay in this release as the initial prefixed version (unreleased for this reason) was tested and tweaked on all my existing sites to ensure all existing customizations still work.

So, from now on, you can access any existing theme action hooks and filters using the bioship_ prefix instead of the old skeleton_ prefix. And if you like you can change existing customizations that use that old prefix, but the point is - you don't have to - your site will still work fine. 🙂 Also of note, script handles, stylesheet handles, and image names now have a bioship- prefix as they should.

Among other minor bugfixes, the other more major changes and improvements in this version include:

  • The addition of the Freemius SDK for Themes - you are invited to opt in to help improve BioShip by assisting with theme statistics and feedback.
  • The removal of wp-load.php process from grid.php - all grid values are now passed to grid.php via querystring so that it's fully dynamic without requiring a secondary load process.
  • Better integration with Better WordPress Minify - stylesheets that cause problems when minified are now automatically ignored, so there is no need to specify them manually for BWP any more.
  • Language translation file has been regenerated - this was not a priority and held up until all the translation wrappers were put in place, which they now have been.

And what's next? Well since prefixing was the last on a long list of requirements for WordPress.Org, now that everything is ready, it Looks like it's time to submit to the Theme Repository and see what happens!

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