Well it's been a long journey, but BioShip has made it to Version 2! And the fully legit way of consistent updates - not just by bumping the version prematurely to look better or newer, lol. Well, I guess what this means is there aren't any major features added to the theme itself, but the focus has been on greater stability and optimization for a while now... and this approach will continue.

The discerning will recognize this is actually really good news for the project, because it means less and less bugs, not more bugs or bloat introduced as features are added. Besides, it already has way more included than most themes or frameworks ever will. The flexibility is there baked in from the start, and while it's been a bumpy road to get it all working, it's now a pretty smooth ride. And of course, I welcome any feedback to make it even smoother.

That said, if you are looking for those extra features (that you might expect from a theme but don't really belong there)... you won't be disappointed either. As I've started releasing them as separate plugins instead. Partly because they do things that are not really "theme territory"... but mostly because I have a lot of cool plugin ideas gathering virtual dust on my hard drive that I know people will find useful.

As such I am doing a plugin giveaway as of right now (December 2016), challenging myself to release 10 Plugins in 10 Weeks... or more! Plus, launching a solutions forum to go with them (with a BioShip support and features section there)... welcoming new users and contributors of any experience level. The first plugin release is somewhat of an extension for BioShip (but can be used with any theme, which is why it's a plugin) - and that is Content Sidebars, for adding extra flexible widget areas to your content and surrounds.

But I digress, there's plenty more plugins to come so check them all out:
WordQuest Plugins Giveaway

Oh yeah, here are the other things updated in BioShip Version 2:

  • Updated: WordQuest Helper Library to 1.6.5
  • Updated: BioShip news dashboard feed widget
  • Added: missing translation wrappers to admin
  • Fixed: full page content feed output
  • Fixed: multicheck box options bug one more time
  • Fixed: filemtime mode cachebusting for style.css
  • Fixed: breadcrumb display override targeting bug
  • Fixed: meta formatting duplicate dash replacement bug

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