Got to some of those various lesser bugs in this version, including fixing the constructor method for the Discreet Text Widget. The major change here though is a complete revamp of the theme function tracer prototype, which means you can easily trace exactly what arguments are being passed to any function within the theme. See the Debug Documentation for usage instructions.
  • Fixed: map default options if empty (on theme activation)
  • Fixed: fix to numerous undefined variable warnings
  • Fixed: add check for logoresize page element in init.js
  • Fixed: to TMGPA plugin recommendations array
  • Fixed: process shortcodes in excerpts filter option
  • Fixed: removed overflow:hidden from CSS clearfix causing height
  • Improved: tracer.php fully revamped outdated debug tracer
  • Improved: use templating action priorities from hooks array
  • Update: replace deprecated constructor on Discreet Text Widget
  • Update: Discreet Text Widget (deprecated constructor method)

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