With so many changes and new features added, I figured it was time to do and little code cleaning and optimization... There hasn't been a new public release since 1.5.0 because so many things have been redeveloped. Now that I"m satisfied with the stability of the new changes (mostly from 1.8.0) - here it is!
  • skull.php: moved skull functions from functions.php
  • Optimized: Precalculate Filtered Theme Layout State
  • Improved: Sidebar Template Hierarchy System
  • Improved: Sidebar Registration, Order and Labelling
  • Improved: Pass Filtered Theme Layout to grid.php
  • Improved: Theme Options Page Colour Scheme
  • Improved: standard vtheme prefix for theme globals
  • Improved: Layout Sections and Hook Global
  • Added: first/last/odd/even Widget Style Classes
  • Added: more documentation... about halfways there
  • Fixed: duplicate ID for new site-description attribute
  • Fixed: allow blank (empty) Sidebars via filtering

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