Muscle Flex CSS3 support has extended even further on it's existing versions with the addition of PrefixFree, NWMatcher, NWEvents and CSS.Supports javascripts. Each can now be optionally loaded via the Muscle Scripts tabs. But what are they you ask? Well, Rather than go into too much detail here, check out the appropriate links to find out.

  • PrefixFree - lets you use unprefixed CSS properties everywhere
  • NWWatcher - a Javascript CSS3 Selector and Matcher
  • NWEvent - better events: handlers, listeners and delegates
  • CSS.Supports - enables legacy cross-browser checks for CSS Supports

Also in version 1.4.0:
- Added CSS replacement values for theme image directory URLs
- Added Title Font and Font Stack example display pages
- Added button text filters to Theme My Login templates
- Added default Gravatar replacement option (gravatar.png)

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