Muscle Flex now lets you change the default thumbnail sizes directly from the Theme Options page, without having to resort to complex filters yourself. You can select the thumbnail size for both list view (category/archive pages) and the post itself (as a featured image on the post.)

Plus, I've also added the option to load any custom fonts you like via the Google Fonts API, just add to the comma separated list in the Fonts tab of Theme Options and save, and the font will be auto-loaded from via Google Fonts. It will also then be selectable for use as a heading/title font in the Theme Options instantly. So handy!

Also new in version 1.3.5:
- Wordpress admin area display fixes/tweaks
- Cleaner Admin Bar option (removes Wordpress links)
- Added Admin Logo to Theme My Login forms option
- Added overrideable Child Theme logo image
- Fix for Hybrid image size post editor conflict

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