With all major development completed, this update is ready to rock! Most of the documentation is done too which is the focus of this release. Plus a number of fixes and improvements including a separated content grid. Also ready to be submitted to the WordPress Theme repository... 🙂
  • Docs: Child Theme and Framework documentation completed
  • Docs: Metabox and Sidebar documentation completed
  • Improved: Grid System layout value filtering
  • Improved: theme settings autobackup/restore process
  • Improved: perpost metabox display tables and sections
  • Standardized: global vthemeoptions is now vthemesettings
  • Standardized: global vdisplayoverrides is now vthemedisplay
  • Option: Standalone Content Grid Columns Default Value
  • Option: load Dynamic Editor Styles to match theme settings
  • Option: disable Emoji scripts and styles loading
  • Added: Percentage Content Grids for 12/16/20/24 Columns
  • Added: PerPost Sidebar Overrides Interface
  • Added: PerPost CSS Styles QuickSave button
  • Added: optional Archive Template Subdirectory to hierarchy
  • Added: optional alternative template directory for WooCommerce
  • Filter: alternative WooCommerce template directory
  • Filter: separated sidebar hide and no output filters
  • Changed: default javascript directory name to scripts
  • Updated: Options to Titan Framework settings transfer
  • Updated: Kirki Customizer Libary to 2.3.5
  • Optimized: Content Grid compatibility classes
  • Fixed: Post Type(s) Detection (to not use is_single)
  • Fixed: insane settings saving bug on some old installs
  • Fixed: Body Login class prefix to Admin Login Styles
  • Fixed: dashes in Theme Mods slug for Autospace Main Menu
  • Fixed: new child theme install destination directories
  • Fixed: matching jQuery handle for CDN fallback script
  • Fixed: remove unused CodeMirror scripts from Kirki load
  • Fixed: theme settings user backup restore button action
  • Fixed: apply_filters typo for archive content template
  • Fixed: Matchmedia.js file hierarchy call argument
  • Removed: [off] from sidebar labels (styling sufficient)
  • Removed: old force update code for insane saving bug

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