After much testing and improvements in preparation for public release, finally BioShip is ready! The download link is now active so give it a go! 🙂

There have been many fixes, updates and additions in preparation for this release, previously it was in private testing on client sites only. The many changes were mostly to ensure minimal need for end users to update anything in future updates (since I know having a theme break is just not fun!) ... for example, all the names of hooks and filters and functions and so-forth have been standardized as best as possible (so they will not change later even if they are slightly misnamed.)

Plus there were a number of features added such as the option for a 12, 16 or 24 column grid - that auto-scales to screen size. Maximum layout width can now be anything too. Mobile buttons have been added for menus and sidebar to maximize content width while retaining accessibility. A custom version of Hybrid Hook has been added for easy content area additions. Templating functions are now far more uniform and action hooks for all areas accessible. Thumbnail display options have been hugely expanded. Plus a whole bunch of other things you can see below...

Doing all this has delayed the release for probably over three months! (Because of many other plugins being finalized in the same time period.) But the result is a far more stable and update-ready framework for you to use. So it is well worth the wait! Enjoy!

Here's the massive list of updates for version 1.5.0...
- Updated: Hybrid Core v2.0.2 to v2.0.4 (minor bugfixes)
- Updated: TGM Plugin Activation v2.4.0 to v2.5.2
- Updated: Formalize form element styling CSS to v1.2
- Updated: Overhauled thumbnail handling functions
- Updated: Lots of minor code and style improvements
- grid.php - new dynamic stylesheet for em based grid loading!
- index.php - now supports CPT header and footer templates
- skeleton.php - moved templating functions from functions.php
- admin.php - moved admin-only functions from functions.php
- skin.php - can now be called directly (uses Shortinit)
- options.php - settings page functions are now pluggable
- author-bio.php - moved template functions to functions.php
- content.php - moved thumbnail functions to functions.php
- content.php - added more template action hooks to fire
- content.php - added bio box top or bottom position calls
- comments.php - moved to /content/ and hierarchy filter added
- templates.php - added to Child Theme (small Template Guide)
- hooks.php - changed layout.php guide for use with Hybrid Hook
- Added: Mobile Buttons for main menu, sidebar and subsidebar
- Added: Hybrid Hook extension for adding content to hooks
- Added: Theme Tracer for template and function tracking
- Added: Thumbnail Size Override to the PerPost Metabox
- Added: Browser/Mobile detection CSS filters for skin.php
- Added: Theme Update available display to Theme Options page
- Added: Extend layer tab to Theme Options for extensions
- Added: Import/Export Theme Options as XML (no UI yet)
- Added: filters to sidebar and layout to support CPT sidebars
- Added: YouTube fullscreen video background option (via filters.php)
- Added: Dashboard updates notice with Theme News Feed widget
- Added: missing div comments and new lines for source readability
- Added: Woocommerce template hierarchy override filters
- Added: Some missing Muscle admin options filters
- Added: Theme icon next to Theme Options in Admin Bar
- Added: Meta replacement values for page/category parents
- Added: Filters for all hooked layout (priority) positions
- Added: Class filters for header, sidebars, content, footer
- Added: Fallback to local jQuery for Google jQuery CDN failure
- Fixed: use of getimagesize in skin.php for no allow_fopen_url
- Fixed: bug in subsidebar option ID for background colour
- Fixed: default WordPress admin menu CSS for WordPress 4.0
- Fixed: WP version comparisons to use version_compare
- Fixed: a bunch of undefined index notices caught by debugger
- Fixed: thumbnail display option in content.php for Hybrid
- Fixed: comments template filter for parent theme fallback
- Fixed: PrefixFree and Google Fonts CORS conflict
- Fixed: whitespace conversion in Custom Font names
- Fixed: button styles now properly override Skeleton styles
- Fixed: Child Theme creation menus and menu locations
- Fixed: Child Theme Options page shows parent update available
- Fixed: Translations function now applied to all options texts
- Option: Number of dynamic Grid Columns: 12, 16, 20 or 24!
- Option: 960 Grid System / Blueprint class compatibility
- Option: Multiple Media Query Breakpoints for dynamic Grid
- Option: Open Graph Protocol plugin default image options
- Option: Combine Core CSS to single file option
- Option: default thumbnail alignment class options
- Option: missing load FitVids option to Muscle Scripts tab
- Option: missing load Formalize option to Skin CSS tab
- Option: missing option for Smooth Scrolling Hash Links
- Option: Experimental Foundation loader options
- Option: timestamps to options array for backups/exports/imports
- Option: top or bottom author bio box position and filters
- Option: to show Theme Options link in admin bar or not
- Option: Options saves current option tab not just layer filter
- Option: missing option for no logo at all on wp-login.php page
- Option: for displaying Page Navigation for different post types
- Changed: default thumbnail size to 250 square for social sharing
- Changed: thumbnails and bio boxes are now called by action hooks
- Hack to Appearance - Theme Options submenu display position
- Deprecated: root page.php - index.php now handles all post types
- Deprecated: Browser Body Class function (page cache unfriendly)

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