You will find a Theme Settings Metabox on the Writing Screen (above the Publish box) which allows you to override default display and other settings on a per-post (or per-page) basis, giving you more fine-grained control over many of the page elements (without having to resort to other more complex workarounds to achieve the same effect, such as one-column templates, hiding elements with styles and endless page-targeted CSS rules that clutter your stylesheets etc.)

These Metabox override settings take priority over filtered theme settings. (ie. Settings -> Filters -> Overrides) Currently most override options in the metabox are for display (hiding elements) rather than output (removing them.) When set, CSS style rules (with !important) are added to that page to achieve the desired effect.
[Display Overrides post meta key _bioship_display_overrides (pre-2.1.0: _displayoverrides)]
[Templating Overrides post meta key _bioship_templating_overrides (pre-2.1.0: _templatingoverrides)]

Content Override Tab

Thumbnail / Featured Image

Override default output thumbnail size (or none), and display (hide) override for thumbnail image.

Content Display Overrides

Hide Display of: Title, Subtitle, Top Meta Line, Bottom Meta Line, Author Bio

Content Filters

BioShip provides an easy way to turn off some in-built WordPress content filters on a post/page basis via the metabox. This can be handy if they are mangling your content for a particular post for some reason and you want an easy fix. Currently available filters you can disable are: wpautop, wptexturize, convert_smilies, convert_chars
[Filter Overrides post meta key: _bioship_removefilters (pre-2.1.0: _disablefilters)]

Layout Override Tab

General Layout

No Wrap Margin (Full Width Page), Hide Header Section, Hide Footer Section


Hide Display of: Main Navigation, Secondary Nav, Header Menu, Footer Menu, Breadcrumbs, PageNavi

Sidebar Override Tab

Sidebar Output Overrides

Dropdown overrides for Sidebar and/or SubSidebar: Columns (width), Template to use, and Position.
Special options available under templates for no sidebar output, blank space (empty sidebar), or specifying a custom sidebar template. (Content column width is also available in this tab for overriding corresponding column width to match changes in sidebar witdth.)
[Value Filter] skeleton_sidebar_layout_override - available to set template and position on a conditional basis.
For more details on Sidebars and related filters see the Sidebar Guide.

Sidebar Display Overrides

Hide Display of: Sidebar, SubSidebar, Header Widgets, Footer Widgets, Footer 1/2/3/4

PerPost Styles Tab

You can add CSS style rules for a post/page through this metabox field. Handy if you need to tweak a specific post or page display, without having all these post-specific rules clogging up your global stylesheet and thus loaded sitewide on every page. These rules are checked for singular pages and output in the <head> section of the page on display automatically. There is also an expand/collapse link for better access to viewing and editing this stylesheet rules textarea. There is also an added Quicksave CSS button for faster changes so you don't have to Update the post just for them to take effect.
[PerPost Styles post meta key: _bioship_perpoststyles (pre-2.1.0: _perpoststyles]

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