The BioShip Theme Framework is in public release stage, and soon to be released on WordPress.Org too.

It is already in live implementation on a number of sites, and everything seems to be working great in so many ways (see Showcase on the Homepage for some examples), but of course there is always room for improvement!

I welcome anything you would like to contribute, be it improvements or feature suggestions, bug fixes or bug reports, testimonials or showcase additions, so I can prioritize them for future updates, you have a three options:

  1. Directly via a pull request on the GitHub Repository
  2. Submit a Quest to the BioShip Solutions Forum
  3. Contact me via the contact form below.

Development Ideas List

(as of v1.9.9 - for a more complete list see changelog.txt in theme package)
Major Update and Testing List
  • ReTest MultiSite Compatibility
  • Test/Improve Post Format Media Templates
  • - Test Hybrid Post Format Filter extension
  • Test Import/Export while Theme Test Driving
  • Check Translation Support (for WMPL)
  • Pass Theme Check
Planned Option List
  • Select CPTs to Display Theme Options Metabox on
  • Author Bio Display Position on Author Archives
  • Options Framework: rgba colour picker control?
Planned Feature List
  • Theme Settings Revisions Custom Post Type
  • Floating/Fixed 'Back to Top' button
  • Allow for Paged Templates in Hierarchy
  • Selective Foundation 6 Loading Support
  • Colour Presets (to match Wordpress.Org tags)