While most of the features of BioShip are in-built and modular, and thus available via the Appearance -> Theme Options page, there are some integrations and extensions of note. This page is here to provide further information on those.

Theme Extensions

BioHybrid Hook

BioHybrid Hook - to add content to any layout area within BioShip.

This plugin is a slightly modified version of Justin Tadlock's Hybrid Hook plugin, changed to work as a BioShip extension (as by default Hybrid Hook only works with the Hybrid theme.) It allows you to add HTML or Shortcode content to any of the layout sections available in the theme.

There is no need to install BioHybrid Hook (actually do not install or update this plugin as a separate plugin, it will not work.) Instead it is bundled with the theme, so simply activate it via the Theme Options -> Skeleton -> Hybrid panel. This way Hybrid Hook updates will be incorporated into the theme framework updates if needed. Note: BioShip uses it's own hooks.php file to create the action hook array that Hybrid Hook uses for adding content. See the Layout Hooks documentation for more details.

Content Sidebars

Content Sidebars Plugin - extra Widget areas for your post/page content layout.

This plugin adds flexible sidebars (widget areas) to your post content area (while other sidebars are handled by the theme, I consider the content area plugin territory.) This allows for additional widgets to be placed above or below - or within! - your actual content areas, giving you greater flexibility in placing subscriber boxes, call to actions and/or contextual advertising.

Because it can also be used with other themes (it was developed separately, prior to BioShip), I have decided to keep it as a separate plugin. Therefore, it isn't bundled with BioShip by default and will need to be installed as a separate plugin. Note: The default layout hooks for the plugin are set to be used with BioShip automatically however, for use with other themes they will need to be changed.

Framework Integrations

BioShip incorporates the following frameworks, you can see the following pages for more information on each one:
Hybrid Core and Extensions
Foundation by Zurb
WShadow Theme Updater
TGM Plugin Activation

Plugin Integrations

Theme Test Driveinactive theme previews and customization.
see Install documentation for more details.
Plugin PagePlugin Home
WP Subtitlebuilt-in detection and support for subtitles.
see Theme Options -> Muscle -> Reading tab.
Plugin PagePlugin Home
Theme My Loginimproved templates and buttons integrated.
see Theme Options -> Skeleton -> Login tab.
Plugin PagePlugin Home
AJAX Load Morerepeater template available.
see /templates/ajax-load-more/
Plugin PagePlugin Home
Open Graph Protocol Frameworkdefault Open Graph image setting.
see Theme Options -> Skeleton -> Icons
Plugin PagePlugin Home

Plugin Recommendations

General recommended plugin add-ons are handled by the incorporated TGM Plugin Activation. You will see the recommendations appear as an admin notice upon activating the theme (dismissable of course.) You can also reach the plugin installer list for these plugins via the Appearance -> Theme Plugins submenu.

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