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With the number of options included in BioShip, I had some feedback that the WordPress Customizer was loading rather slowly... Well, rather than complain or blame javascript code bloat in the Customizer API (which doesn't really achieve anything and seems like is only going to get worse not better as the Customizer expands) I've opted to split the BioShip options into two screens: Basic and Advanced. The options are still available via Skin, Muscle and Skeleton panels on both pages, but split into more user-facing and more developer-facing options. This solution seems to suit the Customizer purpose better, as the

Got to some of those various lesser bugs in this version, including fixing the constructor method for the Discreet Text Widget. The major change here though is a complete revamp of the theme function tracer prototype, which means you can easily trace exactly what arguments are being passed to any function within the theme. See the Debug Documentation for usage instructions. Fixed: map default options if empty (on theme activation) Fixed: fix to numerous undefined variable warnings Fixed: add check for logoresize page element in init.js Fixed: to TMGPA plugin recommendations array Fixed: process shortcodes in excerpts filter option Fixed:

This is a minor bugfix release for 1.9.5, but also with the completion of the basic Grid documentation which was missing as not quite finished in the previous release. Docs: Grid System documentation completed Fixed: grid.php overflow bug by recalculating wrap width total Fixed: grid.php offset left class rule selector typo Fixed: muscle.php some mismatching WP to Open Graph locales Fixed: skin.php login and inline admin styles output exit bug Fixed: skin.php missing fallback to main background for wp-login Fixed: skin.php missing number input type for input styles Fixed: options.php background repeat option array typo Fixed: javascript logo resize on

With all major development completed, this update is ready to rock! Most of the documentation is done too which is the focus of this release. Plus a number of fixes and improvements including a separated content grid. Also ready to be submitted to the WordPress Theme repository... 🙂 Docs: Child Theme and Framework documentation completed Docs: Metabox and Sidebar documentation completed Improved: Grid System layout value filtering Improved: theme settings autobackup/restore process Improved: perpost metabox display tables and sections Standardized: global vthemeoptions is now vthemesettings Standardized: global vdisplayoverrides is now vthemedisplay Option: Standalone Content Grid Columns Default Value Option: load

With so many changes and new features added, I figured it was time to do and little code cleaning and optimization... There hasn't been a new public release since 1.5.0 because so many things have been redeveloped. Now that I"m satisfied with the stability of the new changes (mostly from 1.8.0) - here it is! skull.php: moved skull functions from functions.php Optimized: Precalculate Filtered Theme Layout State Improved: Sidebar Template Hierarchy System Improved: Sidebar Registration, Order and Labelling Improved: Pass Filtered Theme Layout to grid.php Improved: Theme Options Page Colour Scheme Improved: standard vtheme prefix for theme globals Improved: Layout

Another massive milestone, bringing WordPress Customizer Live Preview support to BioShip! Plus CSS Hero declarations support for better organized styling access. 🙂 And a whole bunch of other massive changes... docs.php: Dynamic Documentation Display (prototype) Added: Customizer Sidebar Controls (width, left/right) Added: Customizer Dynamic CSS Live Preview Added: Customizer Typography Live Preview (Titan) Added: Customizer Background Images Live Preview Added: Customizer Logo Image/Text Live Preview Added: Customizer Hover Selectors Live Preview Added: Customizer Button Gradients Live Preview Added: Customizer Sanitization fallbacks Added: Header Title Text and Description Filters Added: Import Theme Options via File Upload Method Added: Custom CSS QuickSave

Just way too much to describe in detail here, but lots of things have changed! customizer.php - Customizer Support Added (yeesh!) - added Kirki Customizer Control Library (helpful) csshero.js: CSS Hero Theme Declaration Support! Update: Hybrid Core Library to version 3! - loop-meta.php: use get_the_archive_title/description - options: removed old Hybrid Core 2 extensions Update: Titan Framework Options Conversion! - (maintains back-compatibility with Options Framework) - revamped Titan admin page to single page with layers Update: TGM Plugin Activation (to namespaced version) Update: Added Foundation 6.2 loading support integration Started: Microthemer Scaffold Declarations Support Moved: All Theme Options Interface functions to

After much testing and improvements in preparation for public release, finally BioShip is ready! The download link is now active so give it a go! 🙂 There have been many fixes, updates and additions in preparation for this release, previously it was in private testing on client sites only. The many changes were mostly to ensure minimal need for end users to update anything in future updates (since I know having a theme break is just not fun!) ... for example, all the names of hooks and filters and functions and so-forth have been standardized as best as possible (so

Thanks to WShadow for his easy-to-integrate Theme Upgrade Checker, Muscle Flex Theme Framework Updates are now available through the Wordpress core updater. (Note: By default Wordpress checks for new theme and plugin updates every 12 hours and stores this information in the site's transient data.) Theme updates for the Muscle Flex core will now show up on both the normal Wordpress Themes admin page as well as at the top of the Muscle Flex Theme Options page. This is great news, as it makes it a lot easier to keep Muscle Flex up to date across any number of sites

Muscle Flex CSS3 support has extended even further on it's existing versions with the addition of PrefixFree, NWMatcher, NWEvents and CSS.Supports javascripts. Each can now be optionally loaded via the Muscle Scripts tabs. But what are they you ask? Well, Rather than go into too much detail here, check out the appropriate links to find out. PrefixFree - lets you use unprefixed CSS properties everywhere NWWatcher - a Javascript CSS3 Selector and Matcher NWEvent - better events: handlers, listeners and delegates CSS.Supports - enables legacy cross-browser checks for CSS Supports Also in version 1.4.0: - Added CSS replacement values for