Theme Constants

Theme ValuesDescriptionValue
THEMESLUGsanitized lowercase and hyphenated) theme namestring
THEMEKEYoptions table key value for theme optionsstring
THEMEDISPLAYNAMEthe Display Name of currently active Themestring
THEMEHOMEURLstatic URL of the BioShip website
THEMESUPPORTstatic URL of Support website (WordQuest)
Load States
THEMESSLwhether to load SSL resources (is_ssl)true/false
THEMECHILDif using a Child Theme or nottrue/false
THEMEPARENTparent Theme template slug (if any)string
THEMEVERSIONcurrent version of BioShip Theme Frameworkx.x.x
THEMECHILDVERSIONChild Theme version (or parent if no child)x.x.x
Library States
THEMETITANif Titan Framework is loadedtrue/false
THEMEOPTif Options Framework is loadedtrue/false
THEMEHYBRIDif full Hybrid Core is loadedtrue/false
THEMEDRIVEif a Theme Test Drive is activetrue/false
THEMEKIRKIif Kirki is loaded (Customizer only)true/false
Theme Debugging
THEMEDEBUGoutput debugging information commentstrue/false
THEMECOMMENTSoutput template element commentstrue/false
THEMETRACEif performing a theme argument tracetrue/false
THEMEWINDOWSlocal environment for directory pathstrue/false

Theme Globals

Theme Options
$vthemesettingsAll Current Theme SettingsMulti-level Array
$vthemeoptionsAll Available Theme OptionsMulti-level Array
Theme Root Directories(with trailing slashes)Child ThemeNo Child Theme
$vthemestyledirTheme Stylesheet DirectoryChild Theme DirParent Theme Dir
$vthemestyleurlTheme Stylesheet URLChild Theme URLParent Theme URL
$vthemetemplatedirTheme Template DirectoryParent Theme DirParent Theme Dir
$vthemetemplateurlTheme Template URLParent Theme URLParent Theme URL
Theme Resource Directories
$vthemedirsFile Hierarchy SearchDefault ValuesFilter
['core']Core Theme Directories Arrayempty array (theme root)skeleton_core_dirs
['admin']Theme Admin Directories Array'admin'skeleton_admin_dirs
['css']Style Directories Array'styles', 'css', 'assets/css'skeleton_css_dirs
['js']Script Directories Array'javascripts', 'js', 'assets/js'skeleton_js_dirs
['img']Image Directories Array'images', 'img', 'icons', 'assets/img'skeleton_img_dirs
Layout Sections and Hooks
$vthemehooksLayout Hooks InformationNotes
['sections']Ordered array of Layout Sectionsnumeric key sections with hooks
['hooks']Array of Theme Layout Hook Keysflat list of all layout hook keys
['functions']Array of Hooked Default Functions(default function priorities are also stored)
['labels']Labels for both Sections and Hooks(sections numeric keys, hooks string keys)
['hybrid']Modified Layout Hook array for Hybrid Hook(bioship_ prefix removed)
Theme Layout Values
$vthemelayoutCalculated (and Filtered) Theme LayoutFilter
['pagecontext']Page Context
['subpagecontext']Archive SubContext
['maxwidth']Maximum Layout Width (px)skeleton_layout_width
['gridcolumns']Word-Number of Grid Columnsskeleton_grid_columns
['contentcolumns']Word-Number of Content Columnsskeleton_content_columns_override
['rawcontentwidth']Content Width (px) - padding width not removedskeleton_raw_content_width
['contentwidth']Calculated Content Width (px)skeleton_content_width
['rawcontentpadding']Content Padding (CSS from Theme Option)skeleton_raw_content_padding
['contentpadding']Calculated Content Padding Width (px)skeleton_content_padding_width
['contentgridcolumns']Columns for Content Grid Systemskeleton_content_grid_columns
Sidebar Layout Values
$vthemesidebarsCalculated (and Filtered) Sidebar LayoutFilter
['sidebars']Sidebar Template Layout Array* skeleton_sidebar_layout_override
['sidebar']Calculated Sidebar switch (true/false)
['subsidebar']Calculated SubSidebar switch (true/false)
['sidebarmode']Posts/Pages Sidebar Modeskeleton_sidebar_mode
['subsidebarmode']Posts/Pages SubSidebar Modeskeleton_subsidebar_mode
['sidebarcontext']Based on Page Context and Active Sidebars
['subsidebarcontext']Based on Page Context and Active Sidebars
['sidebarcolumns']Number-Word of Sidebar Columnsskeleton_sidebar_columns
['subsidebarcolumns']Number-Word of SubSidebar Columnsskeleton_subsidebar_columns
['output']Stores actual Sidebar content HTML for output
For more details on Sidebars see the BioShip Sidebar Guide.

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