You will find a Theme Settings Metabox on the post/page writing screen which allows you to override default display and other settings on a per-post or per-page basis, giving you fine-grained control over many of the page elements. (without having to resort to other more complex workarounds to achieve the same effect, such as one-column templates, hiding elements with styles and endless page-targeted CSS rules that clutter your stylesheets etc.) Note: Metabox overrides take priority over filtered theme settings. (ie. Settings -> Filtered -> Overrides)

Currently most override options in the metabox are for display (hiding elements) rather than output (removing them.) Inline CSS is added to a particular page to achieve this (more actual output overrides will be added at a later stage.)
[Display overrides are stored in post meta as an array with (hidden) meta key _displayoverrides.]
[Templating overrides are stored in post meta as an array with (hidden) meta key _templatingoverrides.]

Layout Display Overrides

General Layout

No Wrap Margin (Full Width Page), Hide Header Section, Hide Footer Section


Hide Display of: Main Navigation, Secondary Nav, Header Menu, Footer Menu, Breadcrumbs, PageNavi

Sidebar Overrides

Sidebar Output Overrides

Dropdown overrides for Sidebar and/or SubSidebar: Columns (width), Template to use, and Position.
Special options available under templates for no sidebar output or a blank (empty sidebar) space.
Content column width is also available in this tab for override corresponding column width to match.
[Value Filter] skeleton_sidebar_layout_override - available to set template and position on a conditional basis.
For more details on Sidebars and related filters see the Sidebar Guide.

Sidebar Display Overrides

Hide Display of: Sidebar, SubSidebar, Header Widgets, Footer Widgets, Footer 1/2/3/4

Content Overrides

Thumbnail/Featured Image

Override default output thumbnail size (or none), and display (hide) override for thumbnail image.

Content Display Overrides

Hide Display of: Title, Subtitle, Top Meta Line, Bottom Meta Line, Author Bio

Content Filters

BioShip provides an easy way to turn off some in-built WordPress content filters on a post/page basis via the metabox. This can be handy if they are mangling your content for a particular post for some reason and you want an easy fix. Currently available filters you can disable are: wpautop, wptexturize, convert_smilies, convert_chars
[Filter overrides are stored in the post meta with (hidden) meta key _disablefilters]

PerPost Styles

You can add CSS style rules for a post/page through this metabox field. Handy if you need to tweak a specific post or page display. without having all these post-specific rules clogging up your global stylesheet and thus loaded sitewide on every page. These rules are checked for singular pages and output in the <head> section of the page on display automatically. There is also an expand/collapse link for better access to viewing and editing this stylesheet rules textarea.
[PerPost Styles are stored in the post meta with (hidden) meta key _perpoststyles]

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